How Much Does Road Assist Club Package cost?

Rs. 700
Rs. 1000
Vehicle Coverage
Personal Coverage

Guaranteed Service Areas* - Metropolitan Regional Centres

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Bangalore-wide breakdown service
Number of tows per incident
Free towing
14 km
25 km
Fuel provision
Taxi if your vehicle is towed
Upto 50 km per incident
Free locksmith service
After accident telephone advice

" Non-guaranteed Service Areas* - Country areas

Travel distance(Round Trip)
50 km
After accident telephone advice

" EXTENDED BENEFITS Available following a breakdown when the vehicle cannot be repaired within 24hrs. All costs are deducted from the relevant entitlement.

Vehicle recovery (when 100kms from home)
Hire car
Passenger transport
Accommodation and car hire

ENTITLEMENTS - Total value of NCB

Year 1
10 %
Entitlements- Total Year 2-4
20 %
Value of NCB Year 5
30 %

* Guaranteed Service Areas: Bangalore Metropolitan Area Boundary, and 25km radius from the GPO of the Bangalore

* Non-Guaranteed Service Areas: The Outskirts of the Bangalore.