• At the RAC your personal information is collected, stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Act. We may use your personal information to conduct direct marketing, such as telemarketing and advertising via email, SMS or post, in order tell you about other RAC Group products and services. Your personal information may be passed to other entities for promotional purposes, including direct marketing. These entities may be associated with us, operate under the RAC’s Brand or be agents, contractors or allied organizations. We will only market our products and services to you if you would reasonably expect us to do so.

  • You may stop your personal information from being used for this purpose at any time by contacting us on 9591910906.

  • The personal information you provide to us may also be provided by us to mailing houses for the process and dispatch of membership renewals and member magazine, plastic card distributors for the process and dispatch of RAC membership cards, RAC Road Assist Club contractors for the purpose of providing Road Assistance, towing and battery replacement and any other products and services associated with RAC Road Assist Club, other clubs to provide member assistance and transfer details if the member of the RAC wants to join or receive service from another club within South India.

  • By taking out a membership with the RAC you agree to the RAC disclosing your personal information to these organizations and individuals associated with providing products and services for the RAC. Your failure to consent to this disclosure may mean that we can’t provide you with products and services under an RAC membership. You have a right of access to your personal information.

  • Please contact us on 09591910906 for further information about accessing your information. Or contact us via our website and click on Contact Us. Please note: By enrolling as an RAC member or renewing an RAC membership the member agrees to be bound by the Rules of The Road Assist Club of INDIA. A copy of the Rules of The Road Assist Club of INDIA is available by writing to: RAC Membership

RAC Road Assist Club Definitions

  • In these Terms and Conditions unless the contrary intention appears:

  • Accident means an incident in which a Vehicle has been damaged in a collision or impact with another object or by water damage, whether another Vehicle or not, or whether caused by a mechanical failure. This includes a series of incidents arising out of a single event.

  • Battery Service(s) means a service provided to a Vehicle disabled by a Breakdown where RAC identifies and rectifies any fault in a Vehicle’s battery and, if necessary, replaces it.

  • Breakdown means a circumstance in which a Vehicle is incapable of being driven due to mechanical, electrical or other failure, the cause of which is not an Accident, theft, Fire Damage, flood, storm or malicious damage.

  • Country Areas means areas within South India and outside the Metropolitan Area and Regional Centers.

  • Country Service Provider, means a provider of motor mechanical services, Battery Services or Towing Services in a Country Area appointed by RAC or by an affiliated motoring organization to provide Road Assistance to Vehicles.

  • Country Service Provider Boundary means the perimeter of the geographical area that is serviced by a Country Service Provider.

  • Excess Kilometers means the distance for which a Vehicle receives Road Assistance which is in excess of the distance to which a Vehicle is entitled to free Road Assistance by virtue of the Road Assist Club Package the Member holds.

  • Extended Benefits means those benefits (as detailed on pages Will be sent to Customer on sign up Package) that apply to a Vehicle that has suffered a Major Breakdown and cannot be repaired within 24 hours.

  • Fair Call Policy means RAC’s policy used to manage excessive use of Membership Services set out on Assist box Guide.

  • Fire Damage means heat or flame, which damages the panels, tyres, mechanical or electrical parts of a Vehicle.

  • Guaranteed Service Area means the Metropolitan Area and Regional Centers where the provision of Road Assist Club is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

  • Home means the permanent place of residence of the Member.

  • Incident means one or more Jobs that are all considered as being part of the original Breakdown.

  • Job means the assigning of a resource to an Incident. Multiple Jobs may occur on a single Incident as authorized by RAC.

  • Major Breakdown means a Breakdown where the Vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours, as determined by RAC or a Service Provider.

  • Member means a current RAC member.

  • Membership Fee means the fee applicable to Membership Services, paid annually.

  • Membership Services means the provision of products and/or services for the benefit of a Member.

  • Membership Year means the consecutive 12 month period from the commencement of the Membership Services.

  • Metropolitan Area means the metropolitan area as specified by the scheme boundaries (local government areas as defined by the Land gate map).

  • Motorcycle means any Vehicle registered with the Department of Transport as a motorcycle.

  • Nominated Vehicle means that Vehicle specified by the Member as being the Vehicle covered by that Member’s Road Assist Club Package.

  • Non-Guaranteed Service Area means the areas within the states of South India other than a Guaranteed Service Area.

  • RAC, We, Our, Us means the Road Assist Club of India OPC., its Related Bodies Corporate, and its and their officers, employees, agents and contractors.

RAC Road Assist Club Assist box Guide

  • RAC Contractor means an independent provider of motor mechanical services, Battery Services or Towing Services appointed by RAC, or by an affiliated motoring organization, to provide Road Assistance to Members.

  • RAC Patrol means a mobile mechanical service operating on behalf of the RAC to provide Road Assistance.

  • Recovery means a Job that requires a resource to transport a Vehicle that has suffered a Major Breakdown more than 100kms from Home.

  • Regional Centers means those areas within a 25km radius of the GPO of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi.

  • Road Assist Club means the range of services provided to a Member at a Breakdown by an RAC Patrol or an RAC Contractor, including assistance provided to a Vehicle to restore the mobility of the Vehicle or to allow the Vehicle to be towed to a place where an assessment can be carried out.

  • Road Assist Club Package means Standard, Classic, Platinum or Diamond, Road Assist Club providing differing levels of cover by RAC to Members, depending on the Membership Fee paid by the Member to RAC.

  • Service Fee means the fee that may be applicable for the provision of Road Assist Club to a Vehicle where a customer has not specified that Vehicle as the Nominated Vehicle for a Road Assist Club Package or the assistance provided is not covered by the Road Assist Club Package held.

  • Service Area means any area where Road Assist Club is provided by RAC within a Metropolitan Area, Regional Centre or within a Country Service Provider Boundary.

  • Service Provider means a provider of motor mechanical, battery services or towing services other than an RAC Patrol, RAC Contractor or a Country Service Provider.

  • Special Towing Equipment means any Towing apparatus that is not Standard Towing Equipment.

  • Standard Towing Equipment means any Towing apparatus that is the equivalent of a four-wheel drive truck fitted with a tilt tray, slide bed, hoist or cradle or a vehicle and trailer combination.

  • Suitable Identification means a current driver’s license or photo identification, as determined suitable by RAC.

  • Trafficable Road means any public or private road, which is designed for, and is in a suitable state to facilitate, the movements of a Four-wheel drive motor vehicle without restriction. It includes the road-related areas immediately adjoining the Trafficable Road itself such as road shoulders, breakdown lanes, medians and parking places and includes any road which RAC has permission to use (specifically from the Trafficable Road’s owner or by virtue of it being a public road) and which can be safely used by RAC.

  • Tow, Towing, Towing Service means the service provided to a Vehicle disabled by a Breakdown, and involving its removal from the point of Breakdown to another location using whatever Standard Towing Equipment or Special Towing Equipment is available and considered appropriate by RAC.

  • Unregistered Vehicle means a Vehicle that is not currently registered.

  • Un-roadworthy Vehicle means a Vehicle which has been issued with a defect notice, or which would not pass an RAC roadworthy Vehicle inspection check, or whose condition makes it unsafe to drive and which cannot be rendered safe to drive through the provision of temporary Road Assist Club as determined by RAC.

  • Un-constructed Surface means an unsealed or un-constructed surface which is not trafficable by a four wheel drive vehicle.

  • Vehicle means any motorized registered vehicle which is used for and in connection with private use and does not exceed a maximum length of 5.5 meters and does not exceed a maximum weight of 4 tones. Note – Towing restrictions may apply to Vehicles over 2.5 tones.

  • Waiting Period means the 48 hour period a customer must wait for Road Assist Club to be provided in accordance with the applicable Road Assist Club Package and not incur the Service Fee. The 48 hour period commences immediately after the Member has paid the Membership Fee to RAC.

  • You, Your or Member means the Member or a person driving the Vehicle covered by a Road Assist Club Package.

General Terms & Conditions for ROAD ASSIST CLUB Road Assistance.

  • Financial Road Assist Cover: Membership Fees must have been paid to us prior to the time of service. If immediate assistance is required, you will be required to pay a Membership fee at the time service is requested. The Member’s card or the Membership Services are not transferable to any other person.

  • Road Assist Club Delay Period: Any Road Assistance provided to a Member within the Waiting Period will incur a Service Fee.

  • Response Time: Road Assist Club will be provided as soon as practicable, but response time is not guaranteed and may vary, depending on the location of the Vehicle and demand for Road Assist Services. Road Assist Club Delay Period. Any Road Assistance provided to a Member within the Waiting Period will incur a Service Fee.

  • Identification: You must present your membership card and Suitable Identification to the RAC Patrol or RAC Contractor on arrival, otherwise service may be refused or a Service Fee may be payable at the time of service.

  • Remaining with the Vehicle: You must be present with the Vehicle or at a pre-determined meeting point when an RAC Contractor or RAC Patrol arrives. Incorrect or incomplete information about your location may result in delay. If you are not available when the RAC Contractor or RAC Patrol arrives, they will wait a short period only before proceeding to the next job. Future call outs for the same Breakdown will be considered an additional separate call out. RAC accepts no responsibility or liability for damage, loss or theft to your Vehicle or its contents if you leave the Vehicle unattended at any time.

  • Vehicle under Repair: Road Assist Club does not include maintenance repairs. Road Assist Club is not provided to Vehicles already under repair or at a repair workshop. Road Assist Club will not be provided to Un-roadworthy Vehicles or Unregistered Vehicles.

  • Non Guaranteed Service Areas: Where service is unavailable, we will help in locating alternative assistance. The Member may be required to pay the Service Provider directly and apply to RAC for reimbursement of the allowance applicable to the level of cover of the Member’s Road Assist Club Package.

  • Un-constructed Surfaces and non Trafficable Roads: Breakdowns which occur on Un-constructed Surfaces or non Trafficable Roads will be attended at the discretion of the RAC or RAC Contractors, with any excess cost payable by the Member at the time of service.

  • Bogged Vehicles: Vehicles bogged on an Un-constructed Surface or non Trafficable Road will be attended at the discretion of the RAC. The time spent in recovery of bogged Vehicles and/or equipment used in such a recovery is payable by the Member to the RAC or the RAC Contractor at the time of service. The cost of travelling to the Vehicle is covered by the Road Assist Club Package to the extent of the applicable distance limits. The Member is responsible for paying any excess cost at the time of service. Service does not extend to a Vehicle that has been damaged as the result of being bogged.

  • Tyres: Where the Vehicle requires a spare tyre to be fitted, RAC will only fit a safe and suitable roadworthy tyre. If suitable tyres are not available, or where the surrounding conditions make it unsafe to fit a tyre at the Breakdown Location, the Vehicle will be Towed (within the Towing limits applicable to the Member’s Road Assist Club Package) to a tyre repair workshop or other location. Wheel changing is limited to Vehicles less than two and a half (2.5) tones as loaded. Any special equipment or specialized Service Provider that may be required will be at the Member’s expense. Service does not extend to tyre repairs.

  • Temporary Repairs: Road Assist Club is provided to mobilize a Vehicle. It is not a substitute for regular maintenance or permanent repairs. Whilst RAC will exercise all due Club and skill in providing Road Assist Club, RAC accepts no liability for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) suffered by you as a result of temporary repairs to your Vehicle.

  • Parts and Supplies: The cost of all parts used for repairs and any supplies such as fuel, lubricants, brake fluid, etc provided is payable by you at the time of service.

  • Excess Travelling Distance and Towing: All Excess Kilometers travelled by the RAC Patrol or an RAC Contractor must be paid in cash only by the Member to the RAC Patrol or the RAC Contractor at the time of service.

  • Subsequent Country Repairs: The cost of subsequent repairs undertaken by an RAC Contractor or Service Provider at the RAC Contractor’s or Service Provider’s workshop is payable by You to the RAC Contractor or Service Provider at the time of service. Where the RAC Contractor or Service Provider is unable to effect repairs, additional Towing to another repairer and any further repairs are at your cost.

  • Special Towing Equipment: If any Special Towing Equipment is required an excess charge may be applied, payable by the Member at the time of service.

  • Rallies, Races: Road Assist Club does not cover Vehicles which are in organized events such as rallies or Racing.

  • Reimbursements: If a Member is assisted by a Service Provider and is required to pay for the service, the Member may apply in writing with receipts to RAC within three months for reimbursement of the appropriate RAC allowance. Reimbursements are not made if the nearest RAC Contractor was available or where the Member did not contact the RAC before utilizing the Service Provider. Reimbursements will be paid at the applicable rates at time of breakdown. Reimbursements will be paid at the applicable RAC rates at the time of breakdown.

  • Motorcycles: Motorcycles can be covered under any of the Road Assist Club Packages.

  • Benefits: All RAC service monetary benefits, limits and associated charges include Taxes.

  • South India wide: Road Assist Club benefits apply in South India only.

  • Limits of Use of Services: RAC’s Fair Call Policy (detailed below) applies to Members with Road Assist Club.

  • Disciplinary Action: A Member is subject to the disciplinary procedures as set out in the Rules and By-Laws of the RAC and the provision of services to a Member may be withheld from the Member if disciplinary proceedings are brought against the Member. If the Member is guilty of conduct not acceptable to the RAC, unbecoming of a Member or Prejudicial to the interests of the RAC or any of the RAC’s related entities, the Member may be suspended or expelled from the RAC and the RAC shall not be required to provide services to that Member during the period of suspension or when the Member is expelled.

  • Lockouts: RAC accepts no liability for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) suffered by you as a result of an attempt to open your Vehicle.

  • Tow Trucks – Transport of Children 7 years and under: Up to 4 years of age: Under Road Traffic Code 1989 the RAC is unable to transport any children up to the age of four (4) in a tow truck as there are no anchor points installed in commercial vehicles that allow for the fitting of approved child restraints. Alternative transport will be required in all instances of children aged up to four (4).Ages 4 to 7: In instances where a child is aged between four (4) and seven (7), and the member has a child booster seat available for placing in the tow truck, then it will be acceptable for the child to travel in the tow truck. If however, the member does not have a booster seat available we will be unable to transport the child and alternative transport will be required.

  • General Limitations: To the extent permitted by law, RAC will not be liable to any person for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising in connection with Road Assist Club, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, no clause in this Assist box Guide, including this clause, is intended to limit the rights any person has under the Competition and Consumer Act 68 of 1986.

  • General Limitations: RAC will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing Road Assist Club, where the failure or delay arises directly or indirectly out of causes beyond RAC’s reasonable control including where the Road Assist Club is not reasonably available.

Safety policy

  • Please note the following Road Assistance Safety Policy of the Road Assist Club. The RAC recognizes that the safety and health of the RAC, Members and the public are paramount when mobilizing a Vehicle. Where RAC suspects that the driver of a Vehicle is unfit or incapable of driving that Vehicle in a safe manner by reason of being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other factor, the RAC may decide, at its sole discretion, to; Leave the Vehicle immobile, or mobilize the Vehicle (where that Vehicle is capable of being mobilized). Where the decision is made to mobilize the Vehicle (and thus avoid any immediate safety and health risk) the incident will be reported by the RAC to the police. Road Assistance will not be provided when in the reasonable opinion of RAC it is deemed unsafe for an RAC Patrol or RAC Contractor to attempt, or continue attempting, to mobilize a Vehicle at a Breakdown.

Fair-Call policy

  • Excessive use of RAC Road Assistance is managed through Fair-Call. The Fair-Call policy is a case management approach to reduce excessive use of the RAC Road Assist Club service. The case management approach allows the RAC to manage Members who make excessive calls per Vehicle per Membership Year. If a Member fails to abide by the Fair Call Policy, RAC may notify the Member that continued use of the RAC Road Assistance services may lead to the Member being charged a Service Fee for further services.

Refund policy

  • The RAC has a no refund policy on joining fees and annual Membership Fees. Pro-rata refunds are not available. However, if you wish to cancel Your Membership Services because you are moving interstate, you will be able to transfer Your Membership Services to the Road Assist club if it is available in the moving State. Just contact RAC when you arrive.

Elsewhere in South India

  • If Your Vehicle is disabled in the capital city of another South India State or Territory, free Road Assistance may only be provided up to the limit of that State’s or Territory’s standard membership. Any additional services, including towing disabled Vehicle at the time of the Breakdown will need to be paid for by you to the Service Provider. South India has the largest state in India. We advise you to take appropriate precautions when travelling in remote, regional, rural and Country Areas. In remote Country Areas, delays may occur, subject to local conditions.

Road Assist Club provides you peace of mind for:

  • Travel by a Service Provider on a sealed road trafficable by a Four wheel drive vehicle from the nearest RAC Agent or Service Provider’s registered business address to the Breakdown within the service limits, with one trip per Breakdown.

  • Labour at the Breakdown for up to 30 minutes duration. Please note that you are under no obligation to have any workshop repairs carried out by the RAC Agent or Service Provider. There is no guarantee that repairs will be immediate, or the necessary parts will be in stock at the RAC Agent’s or Service Provider’s registered business address.

  • Towing assistance in Country Areas cannot always be guaranteed as it is subject to local conditions, including the availability of Towing equipment.

  • Travel on any Un-constructed Surface or non Trafficable Roads to provide Road Assistance will incur excess fees payable by you at the time of the Breakdown. (The provision of services in this situation is at the sole discretion of RAC).

Road Assist Club Service Fee

  • A Service Fee may be charged for any Vehicle that has suffered a Breakdown where the Vehicle has not been nominated by a Member or on a non-financial membership. Non-members that join RAC and who require Road Assistance for a Breakdown may also be charged a Service Fee (joining RAC while in a Breakdown will incur a joining fee in addition to the Membership Fee).

RAC Road Assistance Service providers Facility Index

  • 24 hours Road Assistance. Access to well equipped workshop* with an extensive range of parts. Qualified service person in RAC uniform, RAC identified service Vehicle Tow facilities (subject to local conditions).

  • Road Assistance. Access to well equip workshop.* Qualified service person in RAC uniform, RAC identified service Vehicle. Tow facilities (subject to local conditions).

  • Road Assistance. Qualified service person. Access to well equipped workshop,* RAC identified service Vehicle. Tow facilities (subject to local conditions).

  • Road Assistance. Qualified service person. Tow facilities (subject to local conditions).

  • A Basic Road Assistance. No Tow facilities.

Direct Debit Request Services Agreement.

ROAD ASSIST CLUB INDIA OPC (‘us’ or ‘we’) as the Debit User will initiate direct debit payment in accordance with your instructions and the terms of this DDRSA. This DDRSA applies whether you have given instructions to us in writing, by email, over the phone or in person. If you do not accept these conditions, or you wish to cancel or amend your direct debit arrangements, or defer a debit payment, you must notify us at least Ten (10) business days prior to your debit day by writing to us at or calling us on 9591910906.

  • The details of your direct debit arrangements including a schedule of when payments will be drawn will be provided to you in writing.

  • We will give you not less than 14 days written notice if we propose to vary the details of your direct debit arrangements.

  • We charges a 6% administration fee for quarterly payments made by direct debit. Please note your financial institution may also charge for services relating to your direct debit arrangements.

  • If you cancel your direct debit arrangements with us you must arrange with us a suitable alternative payment method.

  • We reserve the right to cancel this DDRSA should one or more of your debit payments be returned or dishonored. You shall be responsible for any fees associated with dishonored payments.

  • If your debit payment is returned or dishonored by your financial institution, we reserve the right to redraw after 10 business days.

  • A debit payment that is cancelled prior to RAC membership becoming due for renewal, that has one or more quarterly installments either unpaid or scheduled, will require immediate payment in full to renew RAC membership.

  • Cancelling RAC membership that is not in renewal and has a quarterly debit payment will require payment in full for any unpaid debit payments.

  • A credit that is applied to an RAC membership balance at any time during a membership year will not affect amounts still payable on a quarterly direct debit. Once an RAC membership is due for renewal, the credit will be deducted from the forthcoming year’s subscription fees and your debit payment schedule will be amended accordingly.

  • If a debit payment is returned or dishonored and you require Road Assistance, you may be required to pay the missed payment before service is rendered.

  • If a debit payment falls due on any day which is not a business day, the payment may be taken on the last business day prior to the due day or will be made on the next business day. If you are unsure when the debit will be processed to your account you should ask your financial institution.

  • Any queries concerning disputed debit payments must be directed to us in the first instance by contacting us on . If we cannot resolve a query or dispute between us, you may refer your query or dispute to our bank who may ask you to provide information in connection with your query or dispute.

  • Direct debiting is not available on the full range of accounts at all financial institutions. If in doubt, you should check with your financial institution before requesting direct debit from us.

  • You are advised to check your account details against a recent statement before completing a direct debit request.

  • It is your responsibility to have sufficient cleared funds available in the account to be debited to enable debit payments to be made.

  • Except to the extent that disclosure is necessary in order to process debit payments, investigate and resolve disputed transactions or is otherwise required by law, we will keep details of your account and debit payments confidential.

Service on Commercial vehicles

  • Standard, Classic, Platinum and Diamond Road Assist Club packages are for privately used vehicles only; they cannot be used to cover any vehicle in conjunction with Business or Commercial purposes.

  • The RAC does offer Road Assist Club specifically designed to cater to business and commercial needs. Please contact for more Info

  • General enquiries call 9591910906

  • Number for the hearing impaired general enquiries 9591910906

  • Club

  • RAC website

  • Road Assist Club Address:

  • #660,7th B Main, BDA Layouts, Domlur, Bangalore - 560071